Why are we conducting the X LMF conference in a time of war?

In short: because we believe that our ability to create a common context for people and environments can bring the greatest benefit to Ukraine.  

For us, LMF is not a party or entertainment. Eleven years ago, this conference was created as a platform for dialogue between Ukrainian and foreign media. After Russia's full-scale invasion, this mission has become even more important, because it is no longer just about sharing experiences, cooperation and networking, but also about encouraging the world to support Ukraine. 

“In times of war, when our country vitally needs the support of the world, everyone who can communicate with various foreign environments, convey the Ukrainian point of view to the indifferent and sceptical, establish contacts with the media and opinion leaders, should do so. The enemy is successfully using soft power tools, including participation in international conferences, to promote its agenda. We have to be more effective, more inventive and more persistent to prevent Russia from swaying part of the world to its side,” says Halyna Tanay, Lviv Media Forum's Chief Operating Officer. 

For some of the speakers and participants, this will be their first visit to Ukraine. They will be able to see with their own eyes what they have read and heard about in the media, including the consequences of a rocket attack on a residential building next to the shelter where we are holding the conference. They will also be able to talk directly to Ukrainian journalists and hear their stories about their work during the war.

We are not trying to scare or move foreign guests, but we hope to show and make them feel what Ukraine is fighting for and why giving up our land to ‘appease the aggressor’ is not an option.  

In 2024, the conference will be held on 16-18 May. The focus topic: “Common Language for Common Sense: Search For Meaning in Polarized World”.  The conference will be held in English (with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian). Part of the events will be broadcast online and we will make sure that the most important opinions expressed are made publicly available.