The X LMF conference will seek common ground for understanding and coordinating perspectives on the worldview

“Common Language for Common Sense: Search For Meaning in Polarized World” is the focus topic of the LMF conference scheduled to be held in Lviv from May 16 to 18, 2024. 

Since 2013, LMF has been the largest media conference in Eastern and Central Europe. Last year, we revamped the format to concentrate on issues crucial for garnering international support for Ukraine during the all-out war. 

The civilized world is ominously polarizing and plunging into internal discord precisely at a time when solidarity and collective efforts are most needed. The balance of the post-war world order is disrupted: in regions where nations haven’t waged war against each other for half a century, precedents and threats of aggressive war are re-emerging. In 2024, elections will take place in over 80 countries, inevitably leading to increased conflict and division in society. Radically populist candidates are increasingly triumphant in elections in democratic countries, willing to reject the fruits of decades of integration. 

We know who benefits from this trend and recognize the threats it poses: today for Ukraine, Taiwan, or Guyana; tomorrow, it could be other countries mistakenly considering themselves safe. 

We believe that understanding is possible because we are talking about the same things, albeit expressed in different terminologies. 

“The time when the breaking news about Russian invasion ensured the world’s solidarity with Ukraine has passed. Now, in order to be heard and receive support, we must engage with the global community on equal footing, articulate ourselves, and understand others,” says the head of NGO Lviv Media Forum, Olga Myrovych.

At the X LMF, we will seek common ground and define the roles that media, civil society, international organizations, national authorities, diplomats, and other process participants play in these endeavors. 

Registration will open soon. Follow our social media pages for updates.