At X LMF, we will be gathering donations for our media psychological support program

Guest donations will assist us in aiding and revitalizing Ukrainian journalists in 2024.

Lviv Media Forum invites all conference attendees to consider making a donation toward the development of our ongoing media psychological support initiative. These funds will enable us to continue providing individual psychological counseling sessions and organizing retreats for media practitioners.

Ukrainian journalists have been working in a country at war for a decade. The extensive Russian aggression has presented another significant challenge to their mental health. According to a study by the Institute of Mass Information, in 2023, 98% of surveyed journalists reported feeling stressed, 59% experienced constant fatigue, and 35% felt hopeless. While global attention to the mental well-being of journalists is increasing, only 15% of media professionals in Ukraine receive psychological support. We are striving to improve this situation.

In the span of two years, our media psychological support program has achieved the following:

For more details about our retreats, please refer to the Rubryka’s material

The voluntary contributions from the X LMF guests are crucial for us to continue this initiative in 2024. “We do not sell tickets to this year’s conference — admission will be free,” says Olga Myrovych, the head of the Lviv Media Forum. “However, we encourage guests of the X LMF to make a contribution to our work so that we can continue to support Ukrainian journalists and media.”

We will offer those who wish to make a donation through a payment service or a box at the LMF location.

The funds collected will support activities within the ongoing program of psychological support for media professionals.

The anniversary LMF conference will take place in Lviv from May 16 to 18, 2024. Since 2013, LMF has been the largest conference about media and for media professionals in Eastern and Central Europe. Last year, we revamped the format and focused on issues critical for international support for Ukraine during the full-scale war.

This year’s focus topic is “Common Language for Common Sense: Search For Meaning in Polarized World.” Guests will include media professionals, public intellectuals, scholars, diplomats, human rights activists, and civil society leaders from around the world.