What do we not know about Ukrainian media and how can we find out?

Lviv Media Forum's research team will bring together researchers and media professionals from other organisations for an open conversation about what we don't know about Ukrainian media.

Our researchers - Olha Bilousenko, Ihor Balynskyi and Otar Dovzhenko - will share their experiences and professional dreams.

You will hear about:

  • why it is important to research Ukrainian media in depth and in a proper time;
  • how to track the dynamics of changes and what tools can be used for this purpose;
  • what kind of research the Ukrainian media community currently lacks and how it can be implemented.

We will also tell you what kind of research the Lviv Media Forum team is working on and why, and how it can be useful to the media community.

Where: On the Zoom platform

When: 14 March at 16:00

The language of the event is Ukrainian.

Register by following the link.