Two threads and something special: how the X LMF program is built

You have already seen the program of the LMF anniversary conference, which we are preparing to hold on 16-18 May in Lviv. The second and third days are divided into two threads — Common Language and Common Sense. 

The threads' titles echo the conference's focus theme — “Common Language for Common Sense: Search For Meaning in Polarized World”.  

Common Language is a thread that will feature more worldview discussions and public interviews. It will focus on the strategies of Ukraine's victory in the war for independence, the influence of the media on shaping historical memory, the changes that the current war is bringing to the ethics and practices of journalists, and understanding in times of polarization.

Common Sense is a more practical thread where people will share experiences and look for solutions. We will talk about counteracting pressure on journalists, the use of artificial intelligence in media work, the impact of technology platforms on the polarisation of society, mental health and psychological support for media professionals, etc. We will also present the new work of the LMF research team.

The conference will also feature thematic special events organised jointly with our partners. We will announce them to conference participants separately, as well as the cultural programme.

Unfortunately, due to wartime restrictions, we cannot invite everyone to the conference. However, we will be streaming some of the events online and will make sure that all the most valuable and interesting things from the conference will be available to the public later. Follow the announcements!

Registration for the conference is ongoing (but will end soon). 

If you want to attend X LMF, don't hesitate — the number of places is limited.