#StayAtHome Media Stories

The quarantine imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the Lviv Media Forum team to reformat their work and create new projects aimed at helping the audience learn something new, share their experiences during the quarantine, and connect with speakers from previous LMF events.

One of these projects was the #StayAtHome Media Stories by LMF campaign.

Every week, friends of the Lviv Media Forum from various parts of the world shared how the pandemic had changed their work and how media outlets were making stories relevant and visible to their audiences during the global crisis.

As part of the project, there were 10 online meetings with Ukrainian and international journalists, bloggers, and analysts, including:

  • Cameron Ashraf, Associate Professor at Central European University (Hungary);
  • Yaryna Serkez, journalist at The New York Times (USA);
  • Ostap Yarysh, journalist at The Voice of America (USA);
  • Jane Lytvynenko, journalist at BuzzFeed News (USA / Canada);
  • Bektoor Iskander, co-founder of Kloop (Kyrgyzstan);
  • Franak Viacorka, media analyst (Belarus);
  • Yusuf and Sumaiya Omar, creators of the Hashtag Our Stories project (Durban, South Africa);
  • Tom Hallman, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (USA);
  • Kirsten Han, journalist and founder of New Naratif (Singapore);
  • Jakub G√≥rnicki, founder of Outriders, media consultant (Poland).

You can view all the recordings of these meetings on the Lviv Media Forum's Facebook page or read summaries on MediaLab.Online.