Lviv Media Forum Raises One Million UAH for Kherson Suspilne Office

During the occupation and after the liberation of Kherson, Suspilne did not stop for a minute working for Kherson residents so that they had access to true information. The team is working despite the fact that the occupiers have actually destroyed the studio. Now it’s time to say thank you. So the NGO Lviv Media Forum starts raising 1 million hryvnias to support Suspilne.Kherson.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the Russian occupiers seized their office, looted and actually destroyed it. Despite this, the media workers were on the job: journalists in the occupation, risking their lives, gathered and transmitted materials, and their colleagues in evacuation turned them into articles and news.

After the liberation of the city, the Suspilne.Kherson team has been working under daily shelling. They not only tell about what is happening in the city, but also help law enforcement officers record the crimes of Russians to bring them to justice for violating the customs and rules of war.

To do their work, they need mobile phones, recorders, cameras, laptops, computers, etc. These are the essential needs that the fundraising campaign from the Lviv Media Forum should cover. The cost of this equipment is approximately 1 million hryvnias.

You can support Suspilne at:

The site contains stories of those who create news in Kherson and those for whom this news is extremely important. Anyone can make a voluntary contribution or send a New Year’s letter with greetings and words of support for Kherson media workers.

“In 2022, Ukrainians learned how to live in an information blackout. We learned how it is when no one records the crimes of Russians and tells the world about them. And the journalists in Kherson did their best so that the voices of people in the occupation could be heard and Kherson residents had access to vital information.

We have launched this fundraising campaign during the winter holidays because we are confident that the opportunity to support Suspilne is a value to our community. This is a very special story that we want to share with everyone who reads, watches, and listens to independent Ukrainian media.

This is not only a gift for media people of the invincible city, but also an opportunity to say thank you. This is an opportunity to make a gift to yourself, because everyone who supports journalists contributes to the development of a mature responsible society and to bringing war criminals to justice,” says Halyna Tanai, Head of Operations of the Lviv Media Forum.

Lviv Media Forum Raises One Million UAH for Kherson Suspilne Office

Lviv Media Forum is a public organization that creates healthier Ukrainian media. On February 24, the Lviv Media Forum has launched the Emergency Media Support Program during the war and supported 280 editorial offices with finance, psychological assistance, technical devices, energy equipment, and expertise. These editorial offices include, Ukrainska Pravda, Speka, Ukraїner, Suspilne, Radio Svoboda and others.