Solutions Journalism for Local Media Program

This program is aimed at the introduction of «solutions journalism» practices for Ukrainian online news outlets.

Based on competitive selection 3 local outlets received mentorship and passed mandatory trainings about quality content production in style of the solutions journalism:

Online magazine about news, people and places of Donetska and Luhanska oblasts Svoi.City, Informative news portal from Kryvyi Rih, First Social News Channel from Lutsk.

In addition, they received financial support for production and promotion of solutions journalism materials. During the project (April-September of 2021) outlets created and published 76 materials.

Outlets representatives and experts from Lviv Media Forum presented results of the collaborative project during the online event «Journalism For the Public». Maryna Tereshchenko (Svoi.City), Sakhnik Vitalia ( and Sofiia Skyba ( shared their experience on measuring media influences and offering solutions that can benefit the public.

Zoya Krasovska (from Lviv Media Forum and Detector Media) and Mykhailo Drapak (from the foreign policy council Ukrainian Prism and Lviv Media Forum) talked about the research part of the program.

Following the results, the «Lviv Media Forum» team put together a landing page about the solutions journalism. It will come in handy for journalists and media outlets that are already or just starting to work with solutions style. It will also be useful for journalism faculties, public activists and local communities.

The landing page has a few key blocks:

  • The definition of solutions journalism and how it works.
  • Tips on making publications based on solutions.
  • Articles for those who wants to work in that field.
  • Materials created by (Lutsk), Svoi. City, (Bakhmut, Kyiv), (Kryvyi Rih) teams as part of «Solutions Journalism for Local Media» program.
  • Shared stories about publications that influenced life of individuals and whole communities in different parts of Ukraine.
  • Editorial comments about their experiences working with solutions journalism.

The project was made possible by PO «Lviv Media Forum» as part of the Transition Promotion Program backed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.