Youtube Bloggers Support Program

The target audience for this program are Youtube bloggers that host their channels in Ukrainian and Belarusian languages.

From 94 applications for the program that were received during the first selections we chose 67 participants that passed a training and prepared expansion strategies for their channels, 4 of them received mentorship and 100 000 UAH for growth. This project had 3 stages.

At the first stage selected participants passed a series of training about creation, promotion, monetisation of content and audience feedback.    Leading experts were working with participants on the following:

  • Writing scenarios for videos.
  • Content planning that makes it engaging.
  • Trends in advertisements and monetisation.
  • How to work with subscribers and targeting expansion.

During the second stage, participants were making development strategies for their channels. As a result, experts and mentors chose best 4 concepts (OLDboi, Pan Karpan, Beauty and Gloom, Enjoy the Science).

During the final third stage, four finalists received mentorship and financial donation of 100 000 for channel development.

Thanks to the project, participants increased their Youtube channel's audience. In particular, here is the top-10 list of bloggers that gained the most subscribers:

  • Daroha — 14,8К subscribers, +6363;
  • OLDboi — 17,4К subscribers, +6000;
  • CHORNOBROVI — 4,03К subscribers, +3678;
  • Pan Karpan — 4,32К subscribers, +2500;
  • Enjoy the Science — 2,84К subscribers, +2066;
  • #Mateychyk — 2,25К subscribers, +1765;
  • Beauty and Gloom — 2,61К subscribers, +1140;
  • ANDR10XA — 3,55К subscribers, +950;
  • HistOk Popular about history — 2,34К subscribers, +847;
  • Mamuntsia — 5,76К subscribers, +630.

This project was backed by The Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Official partners are n-ost and Outriders.