Lviv Media Forum, in collaboration with Google, has created a media handbook

At the end of 2022, Lviv Media Forum established a direct partnership with the Google News Initiative to effectively respond to the challenges facing Ukrainian media and teach newsrooms how to make the most productive use of Google tools. The result of the collaboration is a guide that is available to all Ukrainian journalists. You can download the manual right here.

The guide can and should be shared, but it should be done consciously: the collection is the intellectual property of Lviv Media Forum NGO. Reproduction of the full collection or its parts is possible with a reference to the original source and author.

"The guide was the result of four online training sessions for national, regional, and niche media conducted by Google and Lviv Media Forum together. It is very valuable for us to see Google’s willingness to immerse themselves in Ukrainian content and the challenges that media face, and to directly share their expertise in working with algorithms and tools. We are happy to be working together for the sustainable development of media in the context of a full-scale war," said Anhelina Stets, head of the project department at Lviv Media Forum.  

What’s inside the guide

The guide includes recommendations and life hacks that are the result of years of research and expertise from Google specialists. The guide consists of four parts:

  • How to attract readers: tools from Google News Initiative.
  • Monetization: new opportunities for increasing revenue for Ukrainian media.
  • Life hacks for working with YouTube.
  • Google tools and other useful services for information verification. 

The guide was developed based on four online trainings conducted by Google and Lviv Media Forum for national, regional, and niche media: New Voice,, Texty, Forbes Ukraine, The Ukrainians / Reporters, Ukraїner, Rubryka, Varosh, Nakypilo, Suspilne, Slidstvo.Info,, Svidomi, The Babel, Speka, Was Media, Bird in Flight, 24 Kanal, Kunsht, Slukh, DOU, The Village, Vox Ukraine, and ShoTam.

The Google News Initiative team regularly updates and improves tools for journalists. If you have found any inaccuracies in the guide or would like to suggest any improvements, please write to