Lviv Media Forum opens call for journalists covering the war for retreats in the Carpathians

The residencies in the Carpathians are part of the Psychological Media Support Program launched by Lviv Media Forum in 2022. The purpose of the residencies is to improve the psycho-emotional state of journalists, to help restore their inner resources and balance. 

Over the two years of the retreats, we have managed to reset more than 250 media professionals from all over Ukraine. The good news is that we are not going to stop there and are now accepting applications for the 2024 residencies!

Who can take part in the retreat 

The 2024 retreats are open to Ukrainian media professionals, either full-time media workers as well as freelancers, or fixers (local producers), who: 

  • Participate in the creation of media content for foreign media.
  • Over the past year (2023-2024), constantly or regularly work in the frontline zone, combat zone, and cover the consequences of Russian shelling.
  • Can provide links to publications that confirm their work in the frontline zone and/or combat zone.
  • Have not participated in the retreats of the Lviv Media Forum and other organisations in 2023-2024.

Selected participants will be able to go to the Carpathians with a pet / child / partner / editor — anyone dear and important.

What the program will be like 

The program offers an opportunity to relax, reset, exchange experiences with colleagues. The residency includes a joint departure and return to Lviv, accommodation in the Carpathians, three meals a day at the location, and the costs of organising a cultural program (excursions and walks in the mountains, discussion clubs, lectures, and other networking). Participants will receive the full program after the selection stage. 

The residency will consist of several runs. Each one will last 8 days. The first one starts on 15 July 2024. You can choose convenient dates by filling out the application form.

“We need retreats to take a break from the endless stream of news and stories that make up the canvas of every journalist's days and sometimes nights,” Nataliia Kulakevych, editor of Slidstvo.Іnfo, participant of the 2023 retreat.

<i>Nataliia Kulakevych, editor of Slidstvo.Info</i>
Nataliia Kulakevych, editor of Slidstvo.Info

How to join

To participate in the retreat, fill out the form. The deadline is 12 June (23:59) 2024. We will send a reply to the email address you provided when filling out the form. 

The number of participants in the program is limited. However, the Lviv Media Forum team will work to continue organising the retreats so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to reboot. We reserve the right not to disclose the reasons for accepting or refusing to participate in the program.

We also recommend you to read the article from the online media outlet Rubrika about the Lviv Media Forum retreats: “Stop, exhale, and inhale the Carpathian air: how and why retreats for Ukrainian journalists work”.

Retreats in the Carpathians by Lviv Media Forum is implemented within the framework of the Voices of Ukraine support program. The program, led by the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, is part of the Hannah-Arendt-Initiative and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.