Lviv Media Forum is launching the Media Excellence Program

We have decided to create a dedicated program that combines the consulting and training direction of our organization, bringing together resources from various media support projects.

  • “Can you set up a consultation with an expert in online advertising for us, please?”
  • “We’re looking for guidance on developing our YouTube channel. Can you help?”
  • “We’d really appreciate some support in improving our project management skills for media.”
  • “Any advice on the legal aspects of registering a media NGO would be helpful.”
  • “We’re keen to figure out how to use Google Analytics more efficiently. Any insights?”

We are receiving an increasing number of similar requests from the editors of the media that we assist, and we find this trend encouraging. It’s well-known that giving people a fishing rod and teaching them how to use it is always more effective than just handing out fish.

Most commonly, we are asked to organize consultations on using analytics and audience research tools, media fundraising, grant proposal writing, donor collaboration, launching and building reader communities, online content monetization, social media management, website optimization for search engines, video content creation, and more.

The importance of our consultation and training direction is demonstrated by the numbers. In 2023, we organized, provided, or covered the cost of 173 expert consultations or mini-trainings for 40 media teams. 

It can be anticipated that there will be even more in the future, as almost every support project we undertake involves consultations or training. 

Therefore, Lviv Media Forum has decided to emphasize this direction in the Media Excellence Program. It will complement our other overarching programs — strategic, emergency, and psychological support.

For this program, we plan to develop clear and transparent procedures for accepting applications for consultations or training, as well as assessing the needs of the requesting editorial team and evaluating effectiveness. We will also compile and offer to the media outlets a list of experts whom we know and consider the best in their fields. Stay tuned for announcements on our website and social media pages so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

Our team is also contemplating more extensive educational projects for the media and communication sector. However, let’s discuss that in 2024.