Lviv Media Forum invites to an internship in the Research Department

Hello! We, the research team of Lviv Media Forum, are looking to hire interns for an internship in our department during August and September 2024.

More about us

Lviv Media Forum is a non-governmental organization about media and for media. Since 2013, we have been working to make the Ukrainian media global, professional, ethical, and capable.

Currently, our research team consists of the head Olha Bilousenko, researchers Otar DovzhenkoIhor Balynskyi, and Yulia Abibok. Together they try to create research magic. They know a lot about Ukrainian (and not only) media, the media market, media influences, propaganda and disinformation, and other media-related things. Each of them has their own media expertise, which has been built up over many years. 

<i>Ihor Balynskyi, Olha Bilousenko, Otar Dovzhenko</i>
Ihor Balynskyi, Olha Bilousenko, Otar Dovzhenko

"We have a great goal and mission: we want to help Ukrainian media become more visible, stronger and more sustainable. Another of our tasks is to help Ukrainian media not only maintain the bar of quality, but also to preserve editorial independence, because our research will stimulate the media and the market to develop; it will help to form new practices of interaction between media and donors, media and audiences, media and businesses, investors, etc. We believe that the results of our research will help shape practices for building a healthy media environment," said Olha Bilousenko, Head of Research at Lviv Media Forum.  

Internship details

We are looking for sociology or journalism students who love the media, understand how it works, and are eager to deepen this knowledge and also to research.

For two months, interns will have the opportunity to join the creation of research by the Lviv Media Forum. It is not necessary to be in Lviv, but if you live here, we will gladly invite you to work in the office.

Want to apply for an internship? Please fill out the application form. After reviewing the application, we will contact you by mail. The application deadline is July 20, 2024.