LMF Talks 2.0: Unpacking the Investigation: How NGL.media Exposes Abuses in the Shliakh System

On October 12, at the Lviv Media Hub, the team of the independent anti-corruption center NGL.media will narrate the investigation story of thousands of conscripts fleeing abroad.

These individuals were included in the Shliakh system as volunteers, with permission to leave granted by the Lviv Regional Military Administration. The organizations that helped smuggle draft dodgers abroad have symbolic names such as “Ukrainian Kittens”, “Ray of Our Hope”, “Concerned Citizens”, and the like. Some deny involvement in the scandal, while others hide from the media. The regional authorities claim to be effectively combating abuses and deny responsibility.

The investigation has sparked discussions in society, yet many intriguing details remain undisclosed. As part of the LMF Talks project, Lviv Media Forum has invited NGL.media to tell about their months-long work on this topic which is ongoing, the struggle to uncover data about escapees, and the tools and approaches they used in their investigation.


  • Oleksandra Gubytska and Natalya Onysko, co-founders of NGL.media (formerly known as “Our Money Lviv”);
  • Oleh Onysko, Chief Editor of NGL.media.⠀Feel free to attend if you want to hear the story live, ask questions, or share your thoughts on the investigation.⠀

When: Thursday, October 12, 18:30. Where: Lviv Media Hub (Shevchenka Street, 120G). Free entry with prior registration.

This project is made possible with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).