LMF Talks 2.0: Choosing a Telegram Strategy for Media in 2024

Join the lecture by Valerii Shelupets, the founder of Grunt media.

On February 24, 2022, a team of journalists, IT specialists, marketers, and activists launched the Telegram channel Ukraine: Operatyvno. They decided to share only verified information from official sources to counter Russian misinformation. In the first two days, the channel gained nearly 100,000 subscribers. The audience encouraged the creators to expand to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Within a month, Ukraine: Operatyvno evolved into the media outlet Grunt.

Valerii Shelupets, the founder, states, “Telegram is our future. It has transformed from a simple communication tool into a powerful instrument for spreading information, especially evident after February 24 when Ukraine faced a lack of timely information. People wanted immediate news.”

Before the full-scale invasion, Valerii spent over 5 years working on commercial projects. In 2023, he became one of the laureates of the “25 under 25: Youth and Bold” award by the Media Development Foundation.

Join the lecture to discover the benefits that Telegram brings to media, find the right strategy for the platform in 2024, and learn how to engage a new audience.

Entrance is free with prior registration. When: December 15, 4:30 PM. Where: Lviv Media Hub (Shevchenka Street, 120).

LMF Talks is a series of public online and offline events of various formats focused on the future of Ukraine as part of Western civilization and Ukrainian media as part of the European and global media space. Lviv Media Forum is creating this project with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).