LMF Talks

Lviv Media Forum continues the conversation about the present and future of media, truth and disinformation, civilization, and its ability to resist the barbaric onslaught that emerged at the LMF 2023 conference.

We are starting LMF Talks — a series of public online and offline events in various formats (discussions, debates, lectures, masterclasses, film screenings with discussions, etc.), focused on the future. The future of Ukraine as part of Western civilization and Ukrainian media as part of the European and global media space.

These days, the Ukrainian media market is essentially being rebooted. Much of what happens in the media is driven by inertia, but the economic, cultural, and social circumstances have already changed. At this stage, much depends on us: whether we will reproduce the same media realities we had before the great war, or if we will build something newer, more modern, and more suitable for a free European nation. If we don’t invent, propose, and shape a new reality ourselves, someone else will do it for us — bureaucrats, politicians, oligarchs, and so on. In that case, we are destined to step on rakes.

How do we want to see Ukrainian media? What practices will help us not only survive but build a new and better media market? What new rules or policies are needed to have the freedom to do so? What technologies are already changing or can change the media landscape? How can we eliminate chronic issues in the Ukrainian media market and avoid new ones? What lessons from 2022 do we need to learn to be better prepared for challenges and trials? How can we maintain our mental well-being and productivity amidst all of this? Where do we stand on the map of European and global media, and what can we offer to the world?

We will be discussing these and other questions with media professionals and individuals outside the media whose knowledge and expertise can help us shape a shared vision of the future. Stay tuned for announcements on our social media pages.

This project is made possible with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). If you have any questions or proposals for collaboration, please email us at info@lvivmediaforum.com.