LMF 2024 will take place from May 16 to 18 in Lviv

Lviv Media Forum has announced the dates for the largest media conference in Central and Eastern Europe. 

LMF 2024 will take place from May 16 to 18 in Lviv. The event will traditionally gather foreign and Ukrainian media professionals, public intellectuals, researchers, policymakers, representatives of the civil sector, and international organizations.

LMF has been held in Lviv since May 2013. Over the course of 10 years, the event has brought together more than 5,500 participants, with 600 speakers from 50 countries participating in lectures, discussions, workshops, and debates.

The conference stage addresses important and current societal issues, including war, recovery, freedom of speech, media market development, and international politics. In 2023, the focus topic was ”After or Before War. How Can Civilization Defeat Chaos?”

Details about the format, focus topic, location, and speakers of LMF 2024 will be announced later on the Lviv Media Forum’s website and social media pages.

If you have any questions or proposals regarding the conference, feel free to email us at info@lvivmediaforum.com.