Live Podcast. What We Don't Understand About the Elections in Poland

The most important elections in Europe in 2023 have taken place, but the controversies remain. While a coalition is being formed in Poland, the wave of joy from Ukrainian experts is turning into speculations about the defeat of 'Law and Justice' being bad for Ukraine. To debunk myths and contemplate the long-term consequences for Ukrainian society and the media, we are making an open recording of the "Machiavellis" podcast with hosts Daryna Zarzhytska and Oksana Dashchakivska.

Guests at Lviv Media Hub will have the opportunity to hear the episode on the consequences of the Polish elections first, before it is published on Sebto Media platforms. And afterward, we'll stop the recording, pour our favorite drinks, and continue the discussion off the record.

Let's discuss the following:

  1. Are the elections in Poland countering the trend of populism, anti-Ukrainian positions, and the undermining of European unity as observed in a series of elections in other countries? What is shaping this trend: the electorate's position or electoral technologies?
  2. How will decisions regarding Ukraine be made in a situation where there is a liberal majority in the Polish parliament and the president, Andrzej Duda, is a representative of PiS (Law and Justice Party)? What can Ukrainians expect from the new political landscape both in the short term and the long term?
  3. To what extent are Ukrainian media and society informed about the Polish context? How do our correspondents work in Poland? What can the media do today to promote political partnership?


  • Daryna Zarzhytska, Director of Sebto Media and host of the "Machiavellis" podcast.
  • Oksana Dashakivska, Political Scientist, host of the "Machiavellis" podcast, and Head of the Western Ukrainian Office of the International Foundation "Renaissance."
Live Podcast. What We Don't Understand About the Elections in Poland

When: Wednesday, November 1st at 18:30. Where: Lviv Media Hub (Shevchenka Street, 120)

Planning to join the off-the-record discussion? Bring a bottle of your favorite drink.