How the T&J Mechanism helps Ukrainian media navigate restrictions on social media platforms

In late November 2023, the Tech&Journalism Emergency Mechanism was launched—an appeals system for unwarranted restrictions on social platforms operated by Meta and TikTok. This mechanism is available to Ukrainian media, with Lviv Media Forum partnering with the international organization Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) in the project's initiation. Here are some interim results after three months of its operation.

How many requests have been submitted using the mechanism?
In total, over two dozen requests, but a portion did not meet the basic requirements and were rejected.

What are the most common issues that media outlets address?
The most prevalent issues include account deletion and reduced reach, followed by prohibitions on promotion (monetization) and blocking other page features.

Which problems are most successfully resolved?
Issues related to account deletions and blocking are most frequently resolved. On the other hand, limitations on reach and the prohibition of monetization are types of cases where the Meta platform administration is less willing to cooperate.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the grounds for sanctions prove to be legitimate: media outlets violate community standards, particularly those related to hostile language. According to GFMD observations, in such cases, the platform often applies restrictions on reach or monetization that are difficult to overturn.

46.7% of the cases submitted through the mechanism have been resolved. The administration has not yet responded to a third of the requests, about 14% have requested additional information, and approximately 7% of requests require the use of other mechanisms for resolution.

It takes an average of 21 days to resolve an issue after the request is made. Not as quickly as desired, but without assistance, some sanctions limit the capabilities of media outlets on platforms for months, if not years.

If your media outlet is facing issues on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you can use T&JM by filling out the form following the link