Communicative strategies for realizing the cultural and creative potential of small towns

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Lviv Media Forum conducted a large-scale study of communicative strategies for "small towns" across Ukraine.

The project's goal was to understand how small towns and townships perceive, conceptualize, implement, and communicate their creative potential in all its aspects - historical, cultural, ethnographic, touristic, industrial, and economic.

Over the course of five months, analysts and experts studied 12 towns from various regions of Ukraine: Mariupol, Sloviansk, Oleksandriya, Myrgorod, Shostka, Uman, Berdiansk, Nova Kakhovka, Ostroh, Drohobych, Mukachevo, and Kamianets-Podilskyi.

During the research, analysts conducted:

  • 67 expert interviews with 92 representatives from cultural and creative environments, local authorities, and local media.
  • Monitoring of cultural and creative content in 36 local media outlets and local communities on social networks.
  • Focus groups in 7 cities, with the participation of 56 active residents aged 18 to 70.

As a result of the research, experts developed recommendations that will help towns formulate effective communication strategies for both their residents and potential visitors. According to the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Yulia Fediv, this research could serve as a guide for local communities when forming the cultural policies and brand of a particular town.

This research will help towns:

  • Develop or improve a strategy for the development and promotion of the town as a comfortable place to live and an attractive destination for visitors.
  • Master the tools for monetizing cultural products.
  • Reduce migration to "big" cities, expand employment opportunities in the local community for youth, ethnic minorities, women, and marginalized groups.
  • Leverage traditional advantages for their own development, including cultural and historical heritage, geography, infrastructure, and human resources.