School of literary journalism

A course on how to create quality literary texts held during the 83rd PEN International Congress in 2017.


How much literary and critical tools are needed in the work of a cultural journalist? How to apply these tools appropriately?

How do you talk to an interlocutor – a writer, a literary critic, a translator – and make the conversation interesting for you, them, and your readers?

How should you and how not to ask questions? What to leave out and what to remove from the interview? Interview with a Ukrainian, interview with a foreigner – what’s the difference other than language?

Participants in this study were curated by the School of Literary Journalism

– literary critic Anna Ulura and

– interviewer Anastasia Levkova.

The first day was held in the form of lectures, the second – in the form of workshops.


Project was supported by 83 International PEN Congress. 

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