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During 2022, Lviv Media Forum relocated media from dangerous regions of Ukraine. They found themselves far from home and wanted to resume work — but there was no common space for them to work side by side and support each other. This prompted us to create a hub for the media community — Lviv Media Hub. It opened its doors in late August 2022.


Russia’s subsequent attacks on energy infrastructure have made it not only a place to work and interact, but also a point of invincibility.



“Lviv Media Hub combines everything I love in architecture, and that’s an important prerequisite for big-time work. And, beyond any doubt, it’s incredibly pleasing to know that this place was created especially for you, the Journalist. It’s open for shelter and help,” says Dayana Danilyuk, Editor-in-Chief of Bazilik Media and a visitor to the hub.


Who can work in the hub


First of all, these are Ukrainian and foreign media people who create content. Journalists, editors, photographers and videographers in singles or with their editorial teams.


As well as:

🔸 media that require space for teamwork and training;

🔸 Ukrainian and foreign media professionals in need of networking;

🔸 freelancers working for Ukrainian and international media;

🔸 employees of media organizations and media experts;

🔸 donors and partners carrying out events for media people.


“Lviv Media Hub is the most convenient coworking space for media professionals in Lviv. It’s comfortable, modern, and affordable. I come here regularly both visiting events or simply when I need a place to work in peace,” says Andrii Ianitskyi, media expert and a visitor to the hub.



Media workers are banned from visiting the Lviv Media Hub if they:

🔸 have cooperated or are cooperating with pro-Russian forces;

🔸 spread Russian toxic narratives;

🔸 create or publish infomercials;

🔸 violate ethical standards.


About comfort and safety


To book a place in the hub for the first time, you need to pass verification. It is a security measure for the time of war. Next, the hub administrators will contact you online or by phone.


Lviv Media Hub provides everything for work. Library, kitchen and a lounge area inside, and Kivsh space infrastructure outside.



“The space is equipped with generators, so we have power for at least part of the day. Here you can stay more or less warm, with Internet connection and electricity, and do you work.

“We also have three shelters within 5-minute walk, besides, this building was inspected by the State Emergency Service which recognized that since these are one and a half-meter walls made of old bricks, one can remain in the building in relative safety,” explains Halyna Tanai, COO of the Lviv Media Forum.


Lviv Media Hub is open from 10:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Saturday. Until the victory, we don’t rate the hours of stay in the hub. Guests can contribute any amount to support the space.


To book a place in the coworking, fill out the form.


From coworking to event hall


Lviv Media Hub is a multifunctional space. You can take advantage of it in at least three ways:

🔸 coworking, to effectively do your work on your own in silence;

🔸 office, with a separate meeting room to carry out interviews and meetings;

🔸 event venue, to hold a strategic session, lecture, presentation or else.


The media hub can house 40-45 people at a time.



However, the hub is not just about walls, it’s about community. In peacetime, Lviv Media Forum was associated with the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe where partnerships and new projects were given rise to. In times of war, we try to recreate the same atmosphere in the hub. The mission of the place is support and development of the professional community and its integration into the global media family.


Events at the hub


After the Lviv Media Hub was opened, it served as a permanent base for the Lviv Media Forum events.


Here, trainings on tactical medicine for journalists, lectures on countering disinformation, the conference of Ukrainian YouTubers YouTube Mates, and the first public presentation of the Women in the Media NGO’s research on the situation of media women were carried out. We were also delighted to receive here the U.S. Ambassador Bridget A. Brink during her visit to Lviv in 2022.



“Lviv Media Hub is a superb place that excites envy in everyone working in offices. Its location, infrastructure, and modern layout encourage to relocation. It doesn’t matter what the event is if it’s held at the Lviv Media Hub, I will come,” asserts Max Shcherbyna,Toronto Television presenter and a visitor to the hub.


To book Lviv Media Hub for an event, fill out the form.



Contact information


Our team is open to cooperation and collaborations. If you have any ideas, please email us at:, or call 0951663103.


To book Lviv Media Hub for solo work, team meeting or an event, fill out the form:



Photo by Olenka Odlezhuk / Lviv Media Hub

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