LMF 2023

LMF is coming back in a new format, in line with the challenges and limitations of wartime.


Date: May 25-27, 2023.

Location: Lviv.


Focus topic: “After the war or before the war. How can civilization overcome chaos?”


In 1989, when Tony Judt conceived his magnum opus “After War”, it seemed that Europe had rid itself of its warlike past, and centuries of confrontation were coming to an end. However, it turned out that law, institutions, and economic prosperity were not enough for peace. Currently, Ukraine is suffering a full-scale aggression of Russia, the “axis of evil” in the world is strengthening, and Western civilization is again anticipating a great war for the right to exist and be itself in the democratic world. It seems absurd, but absurdity as such is not so much a characteristic of this war as its ultimate goal. The war that the future wages with the past, civilization with modern barbarism, and life with death. And in this duel, the media are not only chroniclers, but also seconds.


We know how civilizations decline. But how do civilizations survive? And what should we do about that? We will seek answers to these questions at IX LMF.


The full text of the focus topic announcement can be found here.


Audience of LMF 2023


🔸 Media professionals
🔸 NGOs
🔸 Academic staff and researchers policy makers
🔸 Politicians and diplomats
🔸 International organizations
🔸 Donor institutions
🔸 Public actors


Speakers of LMF 2023


🔸 Janine di Giovanni , a writer, war correspondent, and the director of The Reckoning Project, who is currently documenting war crimes in Ukraine.


🔸 Peter Pomerantsev, a journalist and specialist in media and propaganda in modern Russia, and a professor at the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics.


🔸 Natalia Humeniuk, a journalist and co-founder and executive director of the Public Interest Journalism Lab, which helps Ukrainian journalists get their work featured on the covers and front pages of publications like Time, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Die Zeit, and The New York Times.


🔸 Serhii Sumliennyi, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, and the director of the European Resilience Initiative Center in Berlin.


More names will be announced closer to the event.


Features of the LMF 2023 format

For security reasons, LMF 2023 will take place in a closed format with entrance by invitation only. 


There will be live broadcasts of the events with the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers. The ideas and solutions developed at LMF 2023 will be published for the public after the event.




LMF 2023 will take place in shelter premises designed and built according to the standards of a dual-purpose facility. According to the conclusion of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the building is safe and operating properly.


How to become a participant of LMF 2023

If you work with global issues and are ready to actively participate in discussions with an international audience, please write to us at info@lvivmediaforum.com. The Lviv Media Forum team will contact you and let you know if it is possible to participate in the event live.


The program and information about the speakers will be published later. Follow the Lviv Media Forum’s pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.


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