Analytical Center for Communication Research «Networks»

Analytical  Center for Communication Research «Networks»  is an analytical center of the Lviv Media Forum. It focuses on social communication research,  developing communication strategies, recommendations, and policies. These activities are aimed at the improvement of social communication and establishment of the media market in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 


The Center unites experts experienced in implementing research projects in cooperation with influential international and Ukrainian organizations, such as the OSCE, USAID, The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), London School of Economics, Kyiv School of Economics, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and others.


In its projects, Networks uses proven methodologies of communication analysis, audience and content research, involves professional partners (sociologists, political scientists, and others) who strengthen the Networks Center’s expertise, make it interdisciplinary and universal.


The coordinator of the Center is Ihor Balynskyi, the head of the Lviv Media Forum’s research program, a media expert, founder of the UCU School of Journalism and editor-in-chief of the «Choven» Publishing House.


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