Compass Fest

The main travel event of the fall was the Compass Travel Festival, held in 2017 and 2018.

Speakers from Ukraine and Poland shared their own travel experiences from every corner of the globe. They also tell how they have turned their travels into exciting media stories.

A film from the North Korea trip, a tale of an exotic, deep and complex Iran, selection process for the expedition to Antarctica. And what about when a wheelchair and a cerebral palsy can’t stop a person from climbing mountains and going to the ocean?

Compass Fest speakers include:

– authors from National Geographic Ukraine Mikhail Bogomaz and Natalia Shevchenko,

– Oksana Savenko, the first Ukrainian woman to participate in an expedition to Antarctica in 20 years,

– La Boussole author Tatiana Polo,

– The founder and author of Ukrainer Bogdan Logvynenko,

– Polish traveler and blogger Camila Kellar.


PartnerOutriders. With the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

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