Lviv Media Forum 2021 Participation rules

Lviv Media Forum 2021 Participation rules

 Dear Friends, by purchasing a ticket, you automatically agree with the rules below.

Main concepts:

The Organizer — Non-governmental organization “Lviv Media Forum”, which is responsible for preparing and conducting LMF 2021.
The Participant — an individual who possesses a ticket to LMF 2021, accepts the participation terms and is responsible for complying with them.
The Event — Lviv Media Forum 2021 (LMF 2021).

Date: 26-28 August 2021
Venue: Lviv
Day 1 — Stadium «Arena Lviv», Stryiska street, 199
Day 2-3 — !FESTREPUBLIC, Staroznesenska street, 24-26.

Paragraph 1

1.1. Every Lviv Media Forum 2021 participant automatically agrees with the below-mentioned rules by buying the ticket.
1.2. Anyone who does not adhere to these rules may be denied entry permission, or might be escorted out of the venue.

Paragraph 2

2.1. The participant agrees to comply with the current laws and regulations, introduced at the time of the event by the authorities and the local government throughout Ukraine and Lviv, where the event is being held.
2.2. The participant must provide the following documents to complete the registration:

  • Full vaccination certificate, or a negative result of a free SARS-CoV-2 antigen express-test, which is provided by the organizer.
  • A ticket with a unique QR-code.

2.3. After presenting a vaccination certificate or an antigen test result, as well as passing the ticket identification, each participant will receive a badge and a bracelet, which both serve as a permit for entering the event.  A registered participant can take a child with them. Children under 10 years old can enter the event for free.
2.4. We ask you to have an identification document (in paper form, or mobile ID application).  Documents that can be used for identification are a passport or a driver’s license.
2.5. The organizer has the right to check the participant’s documents before allowing them to enter.
2.6. Each LMF 2021 participant is obliged to keep their badge and the bracelet, as well as not to take them off throughout the whole duration of the event. Handing over the badge or the bracelet to third parties is prohibited.  In case of the participant taking off or damaging the bracelet of their will, as well as handing the bracelet to third parties, the organizers of the event have the right to demand the participant in question to leave the venue without any compensation.
2.7. Below are the criteria on which the participants might be refused entry:

  • Violation of the aforementioned rules;
  • Refusing to provide the organizer with the vaccination certificate or the results of the SARS-CoV-2 antigen test, which was provided by the organizer;
  • Being in a state of alcohol, toxic or drug-induced intoxication;
  • Demonstrating aggressive behaviour towards other guests or/and the event’s personnel;
  • Causing discomfort to other participants (at the discretion of security personnel);
  • Violating or refusing to comply with these General principles and rules;
  • Violating the rules of conduct in public places, as well as the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.6. It is prohibited to carry the items mentioned in the list below to the event venue:

  • weapons, sharp and prickly objects, gas cartridges;
  • explosive and flammable substances, aerosols;
  • deodorants and perfumes with a volume of more than 100 ml;
  • narcotic, toxic, and psychotropic substances;
  • any other items that might pose a threat to the other participants. Event organizers and the security personnel decide which of them pose a threat to the other participants and organizers.

Paragraph 3

3.1. In case of a forced change of the event’s format, which might be caused by the epidemiological restrictions in particular, the participants will not be able to return or change the ticket, and the price of one will not be reimbursed. Instead, the organizer provides each participant with:

– the LMF 2021 participant package, sent at the expense of the organizer to the post office specified by the participant;
– access to a private broadcast with an ability to interact with the speakers;
– an ability to buy a ticket to LMF 2022 with an early time discount (provided the tickets are available);

3.2. The organizer holds no responsibility for injuries and accidents associated with the violation of these rules; possessions that were left unattended; cars and other means of transportation left in the event’s parking lot.

Paragraph 4

4.1. The purchase of a ticket means the participant’s consent to all kinds of photo or video recording of them (and/or their subordinates – minors and underage persons, etc., who have attended the event) and public use of those materials by the organizers without obtaining additional agreement from the participant.
4.2. The organizer and their partners are allowed to use the (obtained from the photo and video recording) photographs and/or audiovisual creations, which contain the images of the event’s participants (and/or their subordinates – minors and underage persons, etc., who have attended the event), without any limitation of the period of usage from the day of conducting photo and video recordings in question on the territory of all countries in any shape or form.
4.3. By buying a ticket and/or attending the event venue, the participant ensures the Organizer and their partners that the usage of photographs and audiovisual creations, which contain their image (and/or the image of their subordinates – minors and underage persons, etc., who have attended the event) according to the aforementioned rules will not infringe on any of the participant’s rights, including personal non-property rights, and that they will not recall the permission provided in accordance with these principles.
4.4. The participant may not conduct any direct broadcasts of LMF 2021 without obtaining the written approval of the organizers.

 Paragraph 5

5.1. The organizer has the right to change and complement those rules at their discretion, by publishing new rules on the website

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