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How Have Lviv Media Forum Changed During Last 8 Years?

In 8 years, NGO Lviv Media forum has evolved from one professional event to an ecosystem of people, organizations and projects that develop the Ukrainian media community.

7 huge media conferences that gathered together over 5500 participants and 600 speakers from 50 countries;

3 research projects in media and communications;

Established the analytical center of communication research Networks;

Established Choven, a publishing house for reportage and documentary literature;

Established, an outlet about media affairs;

Local Media Innovations and Media Emergency Fund, programs of financial and mentor support to local newsrooms;

Schools and pieces of training for media professionals;

Media Camp and Residences for journalists from Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine;

Program of Psychological Support for Journalists;

Accelerator for YouTube bloggers and Digital Content Day;

We do our best to increase the “healthy media” and its followers in Ukraine.

Thank you for staying with us for 8 years!

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