Ukrainians do not know the owners of TV channels they watch


Less than one-third of Ukrainians know who owns TV channels they watch. In most cases, people know that Petro Poroshenko owns ‘5 Channel’. With respect to other owners, only 15% Ukrainians could name them. Such results were revealed during the poll conducted for the NGO ‘Lviv Media Forum’.

TV remains the most popular media in Ukraine. However, viewers barely know who owns TV channel they prefer to watch. The majority of respondents know that Petro Poroshenko is the owner of ‘5 Channel’, more than one-third of respondents indicated his name.

Less than 15% of respondents know that ‘1+1’ TV Channel belongs to Ihor Kolomoisky. Instead, respondents often named Petro Poroshenko, Volodymyr Zelensky, director of ‘Kvartal-95’ studio, and oligarch Dmytro Firtash instead of Mr. Kolomoisky.

Less than 9% of Ukrainians know that Dmytro Firtash owns ‘Inter’ channel. Other respondents named Ihor Kolomoisky and Petro Poroshenko.

Only 8% think that Rinat Akhmetov owns ‘Ukraine/Ukraina’ channel. Viktor Pinchyk was named as an owner of ‘ICTV’ and ‘STB’ only by 4% and 3% of respondents accordingly.

As for ’24 Channel’, respondents most often mentioned Petro Poroshenko as the owner, and less than 1% named Andriy Sadovyi.

1.6% of respondents indicated Petro Poroshenko as the owner pf ‘112’ channel.

Overall, 2000 citizens of Ukraine participated in the poll. The poll was conducted using the ‘face to face’ method across all territory of Ukraine, except for Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

*The poll was conducted using the method of ‘face to face’ interview during the period of 7th and 2nd of August 2015 by the sociologic company ‘FAMA’ within the framework of the complex sociologic research ‘Conflict in Media & Media in conflict: communicating sensitive issues by means of media’. The School of Journalism of Ukrainian Catholic University and the NGO ‘Lviv Media Forum’ with the financial support of the British Embassy in Ukraine ordered the research.