“Brave to Report: How journalists change the course of war.” An exhibition about the media’s importance

This year, the Ukrainian army surprised the world with its determination; journalists — with an uncompromising fight for the truth. And it is their merit that every person can follow the events in Ukraine live.

NGO “Lviv Media Forum”, together with the partner location “Victoria Gardens” shopping centre, organize the exhibition “Brave to Report: How journalists change the course of war” about the importance of the work of journalists and independent newsrooms during the war.

We collected the stories of Mstyslav Chernov and Evgeniy Maloletka, who escaped from occupied Mariupol under fire; the editors of The Kyiv Independent, whose texts are quoted by politicians all over the world; publications “Suspilne.Donbas” and “Suspilne.Kherson”, whose reporters remain in the occupied territories, etc. These stories remind us that real journalism matters.

You can visit the free exhibition daily from August 20 to September 10 (from 10:00 to 22:00) in Lviv in the “Victoria Gardens” shopping centre at Kulparkivska Street, 226-A.

“Let’s be honest: we rarely think about how information reaches us,” Olesia Kitsaniuk, curator of the exhibition, shares her thoughts. — And behind all this is the round-the-clock work of journalists: fixers, documentarians, war reporters, interviewers, etc. Work that has its price: 33 journalists are currently known to have died at this war.”

The exhibition has two multimedia components.

The first is an audio stand, realized in cooperation with the media “The Ukrainians”. You need to come to the exhibition and wear headphones to listen to it. You will hear personal testimonies of those who film and record stories on the front lines and in the rear, who broadcast from shelters, and those media workers, who joined the ranks of the Armed Forces.

The project uses audio fragments from the podcast “Here-and-Now”, created by the Ukrainian PEN within the framework of the Heorhii Honhadze Prize together with The Ukrainians Media.

The second is the test “Keep calm and don’t panic. What is your role in the food chain of information”, implemented jointly with “Detector media”.

“Information is food for the brain,” — the test description states. — Its quality and diversity can affect your thoughts, state, and mood. We are not the Ministry of Health, but we assure you, that excessive consumption of low-quality and manipulative information can harm your health  — provoke aggression or even panic…”

To find out the quality of your “information diet”, take the test at the link: bit.ly/3pvZXhw.

The exhibition “Brave to Report: How journalists change the course of war” is organized within the project “Quality media for vulnerable audiences”, and is implemented by the NGO “Lviv Media Forum”, with the support of Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

Photo by Olenka Odlezhuk

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