Як працювати у напрямку журналістики рішень

How Solutions Journalism Works

In 2020 Lviv Media Forum team implemented Media Emergency Fund program to support 42 local newsrooms financially. The newsrooms have produced 318 materials of different types and genres (reportages, analytical texts, podcasts, video stories, interviews, and multimedia stories). All of the materials could be classified as solutions journalism ones, meaning they aimed at increasing civil solidarity and activity.

In times of global crisis, solutions journalism can stimulate communities and confront the mass feeling of inability. Though any significant changes demand government efforts, there are people able to solve the problems on the local level. Solutions journalism facilitates the transformation of discourse, helps to see new ideas and views.

What is solutions journalism? How to work in this field? We gathered the information that explains everything about formats and features of solutions journalism as well as gives examples of materials. The information is helpful for journalists, students, and professors. Read at solutionjournalism.lvivmediaforum.com how to produce the solutions journalism materials and how this trend impacts society.

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