What to do if your phone falls into the wrong hands

The team of  Lviv Media Forum and  the Digital Security Laboratory  has collected 5 simple but effective tips to help save information if your phone falls into the wrong hands [occupier].

🔸 Lock mobile screen with password (not with a graphic key). This will protect you if you are NOT required to unlock your phone.

🔸 In all messengers, where possible (Signal, WhatsApp, etc.), set automatic deletion of information from chats. Manually delete all chats that look sensitive to you.

🔸 If your phone is lost but you managed to get to a safe place with the Internet, then: log in to all your accounts, which were logged into the phone (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and log out remotely; use the Find my iPhone / Find my Android service and remotely delete data from phones.

🔸 If you have already lost your phone with a SIM card, you will not be able to log in to Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal again until it is restored.

🔸 Let everyone know that the enemy may have access to your accounts, messages from there should not be trusted.

Read more digital security tips here: https://dslua.org/.

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