Lviv Media Forum Announces the Selection of Participants in Reportages Project Georgia/Romania/Moldova/Turkey: Challenged by Democracy


NGO Lviv Media Forum starts the selection of the participants for the project Georgia/Romania/Moldova/Turkey: Challenged by Democracy.

We are looking for the Ukrainian reporters willing to write reportages about democratic transformations in the mentioned countries of Black Sea region.

The materials should cover one of the following subjects:
— Social development;
— Civic initiatives;
— Reconciliation;
— Freedom of press;
— Gender equality;
— Inclusive society;

The reportages can not cover up-to-the-minute events. Instead, they must describe everyday life of the target countries, the life in which democratic transformations are held or broken.

The multimedia reportages are preferable. Photos for the materials must be done by default.

The average time of the journalistic travel is 5 days. NGO Lviv Media Forum covers trip, meals and accommodation expenses of every participant of the project.

All the journalistic materials, written during the project Georgia/Romania/Moldova/Turkey: Challenged by Democracy will appear in the Ukrainian media.

In order to take part in the selection process, please, send the following documents to
— A detailed plan of the reportage (indicating the country you want to write about; the subject of your reportage; the main hero; the places you plan to visit; estimated time needed for the trip).
— A motivation letter (up to 2000 characters) where you explain why you applied, why you are interested in the specific country and subject.
— CV/portfolio with the links on your previously published reportages.

Please, put down Black Sea Trust, your name, and surname in the subject line of the email.
We accept the applications till the 26th of June (23:59). The winners are announced on the 30th of June.

Georgia/Romania/Moldova/Turkey: Challenged by Democracy is held in terms of Black Sea Trust, the project of German Marshall Fund. Supported by UCU School of Journalism.

P.S. We hope that the participants of the project Georgia/Romania/Moldova/Turkey: Challenged by Democracy will follow the reportage formula of Mariusz Szczygieł:

“A reportage… – is more than an ordinary newspaper article. It’s a combination of “facts and beauty”. Its truth narrated according to the rules of literature.

A reporter can use all the tricks a writer uses in novels or short stories except the one: a reporter can’t invent;

The reportage might be clean of comments – everything should be seen through the character;

The reporter is not limited by any journalistic scheme; that’s why I can repeat at the beginning of every paragraph “she was well-balanced”. It’s an unacceptable affectedness in a standard journalistic text.
The reportage must have the added value, it tells about the facts but not solely about them; in a word, it has to possess a feature once described as “added value of the facts” by the most outstanding Polish reporter Hanna Krall.