Television is the most popular media in Ukraine


The majority of Ukrainians traditionally prefer TV to others media as their source of news. At the same time, more and more often, people get news from their social media pages’ feed. The NGO ‘Lviv Media Forum’ ordered the research in order to find out what TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and online media outlets prefer Ukrainians.

Overall, Ukrainians spend one hour a day for reading/watching news. Only 5% of respondents do not follow news at all.

TV remains the mains news source. Around 90% of Ukrainians watch TV on a daily basis. More than one-third of Ukrainians have their favorite TV channel. ‘TSN’ (News on ‘1+1’ channel) is the most popular TV programme among Ukrainian audience (more than half of respondents indicated this), more than one-third named ‘Podrobytsi’ (‘Inter’ channel).

Online media outlets are the second most important source of information. More than 50% of respondents are interested in online media. Most often, Ukrainians visit news websites from their social media pages ‘Vkontakte’ and ‘Odnoklassniki’.

As for online media outlets, Ukrainians read ‘Ukrainska Pravda’, ‘Tsenzor.NET’, ‘’ and ‘Obozrevatel’.

More than one-third of respondents continues reading print press, giving the preference to regional media outlets.

Less often Ukrainians listen to the radio. Only one-fourth of Ukrainians uses radio as news source. 7% of respondents call radio ‘kolhospnyk’ or ‘brekhynets’. These names come from the Soviet times, when radio was available almost in every house, collective farm (kolhosp in Ukrainian) or other workplace. Due to its availability, radio was used as the main source of propaganda in the USSR.

Infographics was prepared based on the results of the research ‘Conflict in media & media in conflict’, conducted by the sociological agency ‘FAMA’ and ordered by the NGO ‘Lviv Media Forum’ and UCU School of Journalism within the project supported by the British Embassy in Kyiv.