Third Lviv Media Forum will be held under the theme: “Media in the turbulent times of change”


III Lviv Media Forum will be held on 28 – 30th of May at Arena Lviv, and at various sites in the city centre. This year the subject of the forum is “Media in the turbulent times of change”. Organizers expect more than 600 participants – journalists, bloggers, experts, analysts, media managers, and students.

Day 1, “Media and War” (Arena Lviv)
On the first day of the Forum the key topic will be the role of the media in crisis events in Ukraine and around.

How did war in Donbas and occupation of the Crimea change the work of the Ukrainian media, journalism standards and expectations of the audience? What is the information policy of Ukraine on the theme of war? Do the world media and public opinion in the Western countries produce an antidote to information manipulations on the situation in Ukraine? Can Ukrainian media create new meanings, which will reduce internal tension in the country in the future and will ensure a higher level of information security?

A particular subject on the agenda of the first day will be the discussion of the topic of public broadcasting in Ukraine – what kind of obstacles are there in the way of the initiators of public broadcasting and how can we overcome them.

At the end of the first day there will be the annual Oleksandr Kryvenko prize “For progress in journalism” presentation ceremony, and the traditional “Liberty lecture”.

Day 2, “Media and global competition” (Arena Lviv)
The second day of the Forum will be dedicated to discussing the latest trends in the world media and the potential of Ukrainian media in global competition.

Leading experts from international publications and expert institutions will put forward for discussions their projections of the media industry development – new technologies, new standards and requirements of journalism, survival of the quality journalism in a highly competitive market. What will tomorrow be like for media? The question that worries everyone who wants to properly form their own development strategy.

A separate subject will be the issue of Ukrainian media self regulation. Are Ukrainian media able to adopt the best samples of self-regulatory institutions of Europe?

Also, on that day there will be discussions on the practices of joint efforts of journalists from different publications and different types of media to conduct quality and large-scale journalistic investigations.

Day 3 (various sites in the city centre)
During the third day of the Forum at the various venues in the city centre there will be numerous workshops, seminars, presentations on highly specialized topics.

Organizers promise to open registration at the end of March already. Stay tuned for news on the site of the Forum:

Organizers of Lviv Media Forum: NGO “Lviv Media Forum”, Catholic University School of Journalism. With the support of Lviv City Council.