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Lviv Media Forum will pay for “quarantine” content: how to obtain the funds?

NGO “Lviv Media Forum” had launched the call  for the Media Emergency Fund program applications. The organization will provide financial support for regional media to help them survive during the  period of economic downtime due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What exactly will the Foundation support?

The production of cycles of 4-8 journalistic materials in the field of Solutions journalism, aimed at increasing public solidarity and activity.

Genres/Formats: reporting, analytical text, podcasts, video story, interviews, multimedia story, and more.

Important! Applications for news formats, columns, personal blogs will not be supported!

What are the topics of  journalistic materials in the priority?

– Success stories of public initiatives and associations in the fight against the pandemic;

– Stories of local communities solidarity;

– Stories about small entrepreneurs who have been able to reorganize in extreme conditions and to secure the work of their employees;

– Practical economists advice on how to operate a business in crisis and stagnation caused by a pandemic;

– Ways to overcome psychological and social problems caused by quarantine restrictions;

– Examples of constructive interaction between citizens and those who professionally perform their duties in extreme conditions (physicians, police, public transport drivers, sales representatives, government officials, etc.).


Editors and journalists are personally responsible for the quality of the published material, as well as for compliance with ethical standards and professional standards. Materials that contain signs of hidden advertising or plagiarism will not be paid by the Fund.

Who can apply?

The applicant must be a regional media outlet, represented by the editor-in-chief or an authorized representative.

How much can I get?

The Fund provides a fixed fee of UAH 2,000 for material. That is, the minimum amount of help that the editorial board can receive is 8 thousand hryvnias for a cycle of 4 and up to 16 thousand hryvnias for a series of 8 materials.


Where and how to apply?

To participate in the support program, you must fill the application form: https://bit.ly/2V8iosW

Deadline: April 17, 2020 

The application must contain a substantive and format-based material cycle. Content creation and publishing time is up to eight weeks.

I have a question – who to contact?

Email project manager Oksana Lazarenko at: oksana.lmf@gmail.com.

“We decided to launch a simple, short and effective editorial support program. It stipulates that the Mediaforum will order and pay for the content. We believe that overlapping one journalist’s month salary can be a great relief for many media outlets. It, at least, will give time to look and understand how the market will look like in six months, “- said the head of the NGO” Lviv Media Forum “Yurii Opoka.

The Media Emergency Fund project is funded by the Embassy of the Czech Embassy in Ukraine. The Media Community – Donors, NGOs and foundations who also want to get involved in supporting the #healthymedia can report to info@lvivmediaforum.com.

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