Як «малим містам» реалізувати свій культурний потенціал через ефективну комунікацію?

Communication Strategies For Realizing the Cultural and Creative Potential of the Small Cities of Ukraine – A Short Report

The research on communication strategies for realizing the cultural and creative potential of the small cities of Ukraine consists of

5 working months of experts, analytics, and Lviv Media Forum team;

  • 12 «small towns» of Ukraine;
  • 67 hours of expert interviews with representatives of creative industries, authorities, and local media;
  • monitor of 36 local media outlets;
  • 56 active citizens of 7 towns that took part in focus groups.

Our experts have analysed the strong and weak sides of each town. See the conclusions of our analysts about the identities of researched towns on the map.

On November 12, 2020, we presented and published a detailed report on the research results. The presentation below contains the most exciting data of the research.

NGO Lviv Media Forum has implemented the project with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Fund. 


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