IX Lviv Media Forum announced the composition of the Program Board: who joined it and what duties he would perform

IX Lviv Media Forum — the largest media conference in Central and Eastern Europe — will take place on May 19-21, 2022 in Lviv. This year, for the first time, the organizers decided to form the Program of the event board.

«The creation of the Program Board will allow us to answer the question “Who are we for?” in a qualitatively different way, expanding the horizons of meanings that LMF transmits to its audience – existing and potential», Olga Myrovych, Chairman of the NGO” Lviv Media Forum”, believes.

What is the Program Board and what will be the responsibilities of its members?  

Lviv Media Forum Program Board is an advisory body that determines work priorities and thematic areas (including the focus topic) within the framework of the annual conference and forms the program of the event. 

The main tasks of the Lviv Media Forum Program Board:

  • definition of approaches to program formation;
  • approval of the focus topic;
  • development of thematic areas and blocks;
  • approval of the final program of professional events;
  • establishing effective communication and interaction between program participants (speakers) and the team; 
  • assistance the promotion of the event.

Who is a member of LMF 2022 Program Board? 

Lviv Media Forum 2022 Program Board consists of seven experts in the field of media and communications who have significant professional experience and are known for their outstanding achievements in the field.

Zoia Krasovska, the author of monitoring for Media Detector, media researcher, became the coordinator of the Program Board: «It is a reward to watch from the inside how a new structure is created, which can bring such a significant event to a qualitatively new level. And to do everything possible to make this work enjoyable, effective and constructive is a great honor and challenge for me».

Together with Zoia Krasovska, the Program Board will include: 

  • Olga Myrovych — Chairman of the NGO “Lviv Media Forum”.
  • David Stulík — Senior Analyst of European Values Research Center in Prague.
  • Yaroslav Lodygin — director, producer, media manager.
  • Halyna Tanai — independent marketer and creative director.
  • Shumylovych Bohdan — researcher at the Center for Urban History (Lviv), associate professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University.
  • Kateryna Venzhyk — CEO of Speka.Media.

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