Hybrid War: Challenges and Response


Within the events of the third Lviv Media Forum in “Knyharnia Ye” bookshop (Книгарня Є) there will be a presentation of the book by Yevhen Mahda “Hybrid War: To Survive and Win”.

The event will take place on May 27 in Lviv “Knyharnia Ye” which is situated on Svobody Avenue (Prospekt Svobody), 7. Beginning at 6:00 pm.

At the meeting the author of the first European study on hybrid war, well-known political analyst Yevhen Mahda, together with the visitors of the bookshop will be seeking for the answers to the question: Why has Ukraine become the victim of a hybrid war? What are the differences between a hybrid and a conventional war? The main fronts of a hybrid war. Can Ukraine win the hybrid war? What each and every one of us has to do in the hybrid war?

Hybrid war is a new phenomenon for the international relations. Russia has been using this mechanism to make Ukraine subordinate to Russia’s interests in terms of maintaining Ukraine’s formal sovereignty.

Yevhen Mahda in his book “Hybrid War: To Survive and Win” tells about the historical, energy, information and psychological aspects of the hybrid war, calls the reasons why Ukraine has become a victim of Russian aggression. Not being content with the statement “it is Putin only to blame”, the author analyzes the reasons for the weakening of Ukraine, mentions the main manifestations of the aggression and offers a recipe for victory in the confrontation with the biggest country in the world.