Early bird registration for LMF 2018 began


Imagine the consumers of your media product.

Imagine the whole array of information surrounding them, all the variety of information channels and sources that compete for their attention every second. Also, take a look at technological trends and imagine what the media market will look like tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And so on… Don’t forget to take into account the plans of politicians, states, oligarchs and organized criminal groups that perceive the media as a means of influence, manipulation and hybrid wars. Also remember about global media corporations, which already know much more about your audience than you do yourself.

Does this ocean of ruthless competition, full of the remnants of former news giants and unfortunate young start-ups, still have a place for a discussion about standards, objectivity and responsibility? Is there still a place for you in it?

How can one keep up with the constant changes in the algorithms, changes in the skills of the audience, while still retaining and enhancing the most important thing – trust? After all, in the context of the rapid development of the media industry, it is trust that has turned out to be the missing value.

Lviv Media Forum provides its audience with a unique opportunity in the course of three days to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of a focused professional discussion on future challenges and current media issues. Hundreds of professionals from the media industry from Ukraine, the European Union, North America and Asia will share their expertise and knowledge in the form of presentations, master classes, and public interviews.

Our program is divided into thematic areas:

Content: How to create high quality texts, videos, photos and audio under the new conditions.

Technology: How the progress changes the media environment, and what we need to know in order not to lose in competition.

Money: What does the advertising market look like today, and how can the media make money in a world dominated by search services and social platforms?

Culture and media: Who’s the chicken, and who’s the egg? Are the media able to form cultural trends, or they can only adjust to the query that has already been formed by the audience?

Politics: What are the chances of reforming and developing public service broadcasting in Ukraine, spreading the standards of free journalism in private media, and what awaits us in connection with Russian aggression, future elections and other political and geopolitical challenges?

Media education and prospects: the opportunity to get acquainted with educational and grant schemes for the media and public organizations.

Lviv Media Forum is something bigger than just a media tradition. LMF is about qualitative knowledge, extraordinary experience and a great place for meeting people. Lviv is absolutely beautiful in May – so don’t miss the opportunity and give yourself three days of media-drive!