Yevgen Hlibovytsky

Member of the Board of Public Broadcasting, Ukraine

Partner of the consulting company pro.mova, Ukraine.

In 2002 became co-author of the 5 Channel idea as a means against censorship. He worked as a journalist for ‘Studio 1+1’, ‘First National’, in ‘Kievskie vedomosti’. He was a local co-producer for the American television channels CBS and PBS, the British BBC. He has experience working in ‘hot spots’ (Yugoslavia 1999, events after the attacks in New York in September 11 and others). Participant of Nestorovsk and Univ expert groups. Co-founder of

The consultant on communications, trainer of communication programs on the marketing strategies for media, business and non-profit organizations in Ukraine, Georgia and Central Asia.

“If we lose the social language, we will lose the Ukrainian national identity. Our country is considered to have the exhausted immunity that almost disappeared. Today any harmless infection is killing us. If we lose the social language, we will continue to exist in certain conditional borders being divided into different groups, and it means that the way of solving problems by means of weapon employment still will be very popular”.