Search(wait)ing for new algorithms. Media in the post-truth era


Who defines the directions that will shape world of media tomorrow? Technology companies or journalism organisations? Algorithms or agreed by media sphere rules? Populist politicians or society leaders? Will media actively develop new algorithms of searching and providing information to audiences or will they simply adapt to laws imposed by technology corporations?

The events over recent years raised the question if media still were the watchdogs of democracy. Haven’t they instead (often unconsciously) turned into fighting dogs of various mind manipulators (from small-minded cheaters to state propaganda machines)? Might it be the usual thing strengthened by the power of new instruments?

Time of clear answers and immutable rules has passed. Their topicality changes with every innovation. Lviv Media Forum offers its platform of experience and information exchange to all who are interested in perceiving media trends, in quality planning of own media projects as well as in own career growth. Despite the breakneck speed of changes, professionalism and awareness still are the features that allow to keep in touch with the audience and its needs.

This year the Lviv Media Forum has super intensive 3-day programme, brings in new speakers and new formats. Read more