We Were Lucky to Find That Very Book for Ukraine, — Dovzhenko


On 25-27th of May Lviv Media Forum 2017 is going to crowd together a number of prominent media persons. This year the programme includes over 100 speakers, that’s the record for the event. Journalists, media managers, experts and bloggers from 15 countries come to Lviv to talk about latest trends in media industry. In order to present brilliant speakers of #LMF2017 to the audience we start a series of mini-interviews with them. More interviews – on MediaLab.online.  

Media expert Otar Dovzhenko will conduct a public talk with Polish journalist  Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz. That’s how they going to present Ukrainian translation of her book Kill the Dragon. Ukrainian Revolutions. The book is first joint publishing project of NGO Lviv Media Forum and School of Journalism UCU.  

Apart from it Otar will moderate the thematic stream Regional Media. The stream is covering worthy cases of local media outlets in Ukraine.

My professional activity includes teaching students and texts editing. Editing is not that spectacular: texts are bad at the beginning, than you work over them and they become good or at least not as bad as at the beginning. If the opposite happened it would be a sensation. Teaching is a process with many ingredients though the main one for me is success of students.Then you can write in small print a comfortable thought that the success would be impossible without your help. We collect success stories of our students on a special web-page.

The thing that has made me proud recently is the book of Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz Kill the Dragon. Ukrainian Revolutions. I’m proud for the second time. The first one was when we published Peter Pomerantsev’s Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible. We were lucky to find that very book for Ukraine.

The last year I was impressed by appointment of Gaygysyz Geldiyev to the position of ZIK chief producer. Ok, seriously, I can not distinguish most noticeable media events. I try to distance myself from the processes of Ukrainian media market. Anyway it’s already happened. There are the things that works though at first I couldn’t believe in their efficiency. For example, radio broadcasting quotas. Hope it will work in case of transforming state radio and television broadcasting into public one.

I prefer to stay silent about Trump and post truth because I’m afraid to be not the first who speaks about it.

Media trends I consider the most important? Trump, post truth and  “glamour, discourse and so-called news ” (as Pelevin once wrote). Trends and directions of media are the things I hope to learn about at Lviv Media Forum. I don’t have time to follow these topics and I dislike to pretend I know them (when in fact I don’t). Once I read there was such a great thing as sabbatical – long vacation a person takes to overload her mind totally. I’d be happy to get something like this. After I returned from sabbatical I would speak endlessly about media trends.

Ukrainian media market is unhealthy, abnormal, anomalous and immoral construction one leg of which stuck into glacier of Soviet past (it’s melting), while the other stuck into swamp of moguls. Frankly speaking I hoped the horrible construction won’t survive during Euromaidan, war and post-Euromaidan reforms. It survived without major sufferings. The stability of this kind of media outlets is not a challenge, it’s misfortune. While it exists it occupies the space which in other circumstances could be used for new ideas. Now we are in the era of light fixing before dirty and tedious challenge for journalists and profession in general. I mean presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019.

At Lviv media Forum 2017 I want to share my experience in ability to take a child from school after classes and not to be late to Lviv Media Forum. The rest of experience is unsuitable for recycling if only someone wants to open his own school of journalism and absolutely dedicate himself to it (recently in my dream I was searching for new topics for texts). Fortunately, I won’t share my experience at LMF-2017, I’ll only moderate the thematic stream.

We all know the truth: hugs are the most important part of Lviv Media Forum. Apart from it Forum is an opportunity to build, renew, feed and  make meaningful the contacts with ukrainian and foreign colleagues. Of course the speeches are important as well. Though I have an advantage: my students usually are covering the most important events of LMF, so in a week or two I read about it in their texts. It’s a good chance to find a new story about Lviv Media Forum. The old one sounds like “there was Duy Linh Tu at Media Forum and he said that people watch video for less than a minute or more than 10 minutes”. It’s high time to change this story!

The registration to Lviv Media Forum is available on the official web-site of the event.

You can get familiar with speakers here. The program is constantly updated.

V Lviv Media Forum is supported by National Endowment for Democracy, NED, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine.

Investment company Dragon Capital is the general partner of the event.

Organisers: NGO “Lviv Media Forum”, School of Journalism UCU. With the assistance of Lviv City Council.