Lviv Media Forum 2017 presented the book of reportages “To kill the dragon. Ukrainian revolutions”


This year on the initiative of Lviv Media Forum and UCU School of Journalism for the first time the book of the Polish reporter Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz was published in Ukrainian. The collection of reportages “To kill the dragon. Ukrainian revolutions” depicts Ukraine from the Revolution of 2004 till the war breakout in Donbas. This book has become the first project of the new publishing house “Choven” (”The boat”).

“To kill the dragon” is the collection of reportages about Ukraine from Maidan of 2004 till the war breakout in Donbas. This is the first book of the Publishing House of Lviv Media Forum, published jointly with UCU School of Journalism with the support of My Media. The text of the book was translated into Ukrainian by Andriy Bodnar, the cover contains the graphics of Oleksa Mann.

“The book “To kill the dragon” is a document of the contemporary Ukrainian history and the gallery of portraits of its extraordinary heroes, but at the same time, the chance to understand something very important about ourselves, something we could not notice at short range”, says Otar Dovzhenko, the lecturer of UCU School of Journalism.

The book contains uneasy life stories of different people. The literature critic Hanna Uliura in The Den newspaper says, “In their essence these are not biographies, these are personal histories of the citizens. Therefore, they sound like ancient myths about the rage of gods: the human beings are against the power, they can neither submit to nor oppose at full scale, because they became used to obedience and humility at contacting state institutions. All tragedies fixed by Dragon are consequences – this is the main message of the book. It is not a punishment but the legitimate result of the 10 years rejection of citizen’s obligations by every single character”.

The publishing house “Choven” is specialized in reportage and documentary literature. It will work in several directions, publishing literary reportages and essays, biographical and historical literature, books on media and science. “Choven” will present new world’s famous authors at next Lviv Media Forum.