“I call on you to keep the unity. Ukraine has a lot of opponents, so good luck in the daily struggle!”, said Hugues Mingarelli to the attendees of 2017 Lviv Media Forum


V Lviv Media Forum Opened in Lviv. The main topic of the country’s largest media event is Looking for/to New Algorithms: Journalism in the Age of Post-Truth.

This Media Forum is extremely important for us, and it is so for a number of reasons. It serves as a very good example of the dynamics, in particular, the dynamics of the beautiful city of Lviv, a European city in the European country.

I would like to mention a few achievements and accomplishments of Lviv Media Forum. Firstly, I want to emphasize the strengths and professionalism of Ukraine’s investigative journalists. Quite often you complement the work of law enforcement agencies. Secondly, I want to emphasize the part journalists take in creating public environment. Taking the occasion, I want to appeal to all of you, journalists, media professionals, and encourage you to keep the unity. This is extremely important, because now Ukraine has a lot of opponents who will deride your efforts. I wish you success in that daily struggle!”, said Hugues Mingarelli, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, at the opening.

It is so nice to finally be with you here. Ever since I was posted in Ukraine in June, I have kept hearing about Lviv Media Forum. And, after coming here, I realized that this event is even bigger than what they say it is. We certainly support such fora – journalists should be able to come together, share experiences, investigative journalism is essential; a lot of work has to be done in healthcare as well. I wish everyone fruitful work over the next three days”, said Karen Robblee, Counsellor for Press, Educational, and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

I came here today to listen, because it is where Ukraine’s most fascinating people got together. For me, Media Forum means a meeting the names that I see on my tablet or TV in person. I thank all of you for trying to explain the world to us,” noted Roman Waschuk, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine.

The three-day 2017 Lviv Media Forum has compiled an extensive programme in a slightly changed format. This year, practical aspect will be in focus in order to acquaint attendees with real successful cases. In addition to battles, public presentations, and interviews on the main stage, on the second and third days, at least nine thematic streams will be open to the audience: Investigations, Business Journalism, Media Management, Digital Journalism, Reporting, Storytelling, Media and Reform, Cultural Journalism, Regional Media etc.

V Lviv Media Forum will welcome over 110 speakers from 15 countries. This year, a record number of attendees have registered for Media Forum – over 850. This is one of the largest media events in Central and Eastern Europe, which offers a platform for sharing knowledge and experience to everyone who wants to be aware of media trends and ensure the quality planning of the development of both their media projects and their career.

It is an honour for us to have so many smart people gathered in the same place – this is cool. In my understanding, the media are like nuclear weapons, and it may be used in different ways. I have always believed that this potential will be a rallying force in a changing world. I wish you all courage and integrity, never give up, and win time after time,” commented Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of Lviv

Public talk format is poised to become one of the key novelties of this year’s Media Forum. On the main stage, Andriy Kulykov, Chairman of Hromadske Radio, will interview Olexandr Tkachenko, Director of 1 +1 Media. Russian journalist Konstantin Eggert will team up with Austrian writer Susanne Scholl. Ukrainian media expert Otar Dovzhenko will speak to Polish reporter Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Moskalewicz.

Additionally, in the course of Media Forum, a number of side-events will be held: screening of Something Better to Come, the film by Polish documentary-maker Anna Polak, a panel dedicated to the integration of the occupied territories into the Ukrainian media space, presentation of MediaDriver, an online media literacy manual for high school students, a panel on the coverage of the rights of minorities, Data Journalism from TEXTY.ORG.UA etc.

We conceived this event as a small conference for journalists. Without expecting it, we ended up gathering together a record number of attendees and speakers. Welcome to the 5th Lviv Media Forum,” said Ostap Protsyk, Director of Lviv Media Forum.

Ihor Balynskyi, Director of the UCU School of Journalism, also stressed the symbolic significance of the fact that last year also saw the fifth anniversary of the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, which acts as a regular Media Forum co-organiser.

V Lviv Media Forum is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy NED, the German Marshall Fund (U.S.), the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Dragon Capital Investment Company acts as the primary sponsor of the event.