IV Lviv Media Forum: explaining the world through media

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This year, the Fourth Lviv Media Forum, will take place on 26-28th of May in Lviv. The topic of this year’s Forum is ‘Explaining the world through media’.

How media can explain the world and its rapid changes? Leading media experts from Ukraine, Poland, UK, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Latvia and the USA will share their knowledge on storytelling, modern technologies and media market tendencies.

The following speakers from Ukraine confirmed their participation: Kateryna Gorchinska (Hromadske.TV), Nataliya Sedletska (Skhemy), Ivan Yakovina (Novoe Vremya), Nataliya Gumeniuk (Hromadske.TV), Glib Vyshlinsky (Centre for Economic Strategy), Roman Vintoniv (UA:Suspilne), Tamara Babakova (Radio Aristocrats), Zurab Alasania (UA:Suspilne), Olena Bilan (Investment Company ‘Dragon Capital’).

Leading media experts from abroad Mark Challinor (International News Media Association, UK), Dennis M. Chamberlin (Pulitzer Prize winner, Iowa State University, USA), Tim Mclaughlin (Mediastorm, USA), Craig LaMay (Northwestern’s Institute for Policy Research, USA), Evgeny Afineevsky (NewGeneration Films, USA), Leonid Bershidsky (Bloomberg View, Germany), Yakub Gornicki (Fundacja ePaństwo, Poland), Mikhail Zygar (journalist, Russia), Karol Paciorek (blogger, Poland), Craig LaMay (Freedom Forum Media StudiesCenter та Media Studies Journal, USA), Inga Springe (Re: Baltica: Latvia), Grzegorz Piechota (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland), Konstantin von Eggert (journalist, Russia) will also attend the Forum.

Participants will have a chance to listen to lectures and panel discussions about the main media tendencies in Ukraine and abroad. Although this year’s Forum will feature storytelling, the role of media in global conflicts, media market trends and monetization of media will be also discussed.

This year, organizers plan to run more workshops and extend their thematic specter. In May, you will have a chance to attend workshops on investigative and economic journalism, storytelling, digital journalism, photography.

Participants will learn how to write about culture, develop successful local media, etc.

Registration will start on March 1.

Lviv Media Forum is organized by the NGO ‘Lviv Media Forum, School of Journalism, Ukrainian Catholic University. Lviv City Council supports the event.