How to search and find when conducting an investigation: a master class at LMF 2018


Within the framework of VI Lviv Media Forum, on May 19, at 11.45, there will be a training of the “Expose and Put the Squeeze On” project from YouControl open data experts and professional investigators and lawyers of (“Our money with Denys Bihus” program, “Declaration” project, legal unit of “Tysny” (Put the Squeeze On )

Serhiy Milman, CEO and founder of YouControl, will share his experience in data search and communication between individuals and companies, and will teach you how to quickly detect violations.

A lawyer of “Tysny” project, Yevhen Vorobyev, who works side by side with the investigators of the program “Our money with Denys Bihus”, will tell in detail about the possibility of bringing high-profile cases to trial.

Participants will be able to get advice on their cases.

YouControl guarantees: no public journalist or activist will be left without access to the data.

Registration for the master class is not required, but please note that the number of seats in the hall is limited.