By popular demand! Lviv Media Forum fulfills the wishes of its participants


If you think that nobody reads the questionaries filled out by the participants after the Lviv Media Forum is held, you are sadly at fault! In less than a month we will see you in Lviv for the sixth time. Let us tell you about what is going to be different during the VI Lviv Media Forum, taking into account your wishes.


“To clearly indicate the topics of reports”

Our managers are actively working with the speakers and coordinating the topics that will be discussed by speakers during presentations, discussions and public interviews. This year, during the days of the Forum you will be also able to see a brief description of the event on the website. All information will soon be available in the program on the website.

“To introduce directions for advertisers, digital specialists who joined the event”

Three events of the Media Forum, which we have previously recommended for the representatives of the advertising industry, are the speeches by Svitlana Paveletska (1+1 Media), Artem Soroka (Wikr Group), and Yaroslav Vedmid (Postmen). We believe that these names and organizations in which the speakers are working need no further presentations.

For digital specialists, there is a whole separate direction of events during the second day of the Media Forum with the participation of speakers from Google News Lab, Meduza, Deutsche Welle, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

“Engage more volunteers and present more new books”

This year, there will be 60 volunteers helping organize and hold the Lviv Media Forum; previously there were 50 of them. We are growing bigger and we are grateful to our volunteers for their high-quality work!

There will also be book novelties from the publishing house “Choven”. In the fan shop, you will be able to buy a book by Austrian reporter and writer Karl-Markus Gauß “The Dog-Eaters of Svinia” about Roma communities of Eastern Slovakia secluded from the outside world.

Also, there will be “EGYPT: HARAM, HALAL” – a book in which a Polish reporter Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas, for whom Alexandria has become home, reveals the secret non-touristic Egypt from within.

Everyone who buys a book at the Lviv Media Forum will get a pleasant bonus called  “Democracy Test” – a collection of reports about the fate of individuals and the global processes that Ukraine’s neighbors in the Black Sea region (Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Moldova) are experiencing.

“If the rumors about a new location are true, then we hope you will use it in a cool way”

The rumors about the new location were true not only for the Lviv Media Forum, but for the whole city of Lviv as well. Sheptytsky Centre opened in September last year and has become the main location for the most progressive events in the region. Together we will test the new place on the third day of the Media Forum – May 19.

“Make it awesome” and “stay as cool as you are”

These options are performed by default 🙂


“Meduza, morel Polish reporters, foreign data journalists”

We have been trying for years and finally we managed – this year there will be two (!) speakers from Meduza (co-founder Ilya Krasilshchik and producer of games Ekaterina Krongauz).

From Poland we expect Pawel Reszka, Roman Imelski, and Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas. As for foreign data journalists, you will be able to see, hear, and chat with Esra Doğramaci from Deutche Welle, Yaryna Serkiz who works for The Wall Street Journal, and Amanda Farnsworth from the British BBC.

“It’s purely my subjective opinion – I’d want to see more cultural figures at such important media events”

We have invited journalist Albert Tsukrenko, who is at the same time a member of the music band “Hammerman Znyshchuye Virusy,” Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin from the Belarusian Free Theater, and Serhiy Zakharov, an artist from Donbas. And the list will be supplemented.

We realize that we can’t take into account all comments and wishes. For example, with regard to the distribution into parallel streams: some believe that this is not necessary, while the others support the idea. But there are so many directions in the media that it’s impossible to talk about everything on the same scene. However, we will try to do our best to ensure other wishes are taken into account. For example, we will try to change the format of lunches this year for the sake of reducing the queues.

We also promise to preserve those things that you like judging by the questionnaires. So, for May 17-19, we are preparing warm and interesting atmosphere in Lviv, updated assortment in our fan shop, and hot parties in the evenings.

See you!