Vlad Fisun: Eurovision Brings All That Fun to Music Media


Vlad Fisun is an experienced media manager. Having worked as editor-in-chief in Afisha, VIVA! and Playboy magazines he moved to Radio Aristocrats and Concert.ua. Now Vlad researches music as a DJ (he is fond of wide range of styles). His working hours are spent in an influential PR&Marketing agency Be-IT.

At Lviv Media Forum 2017 Vlad will talk about surviving of cultural media in Ukraine: where find money and topics for content.

On 25-27th of May Lviv Media Forum 2017 is going to crowd together a number of prominent media persons. This year the programme includes over 100 speakers, that’s the record for the event. Journalists, media managers, experts and bloggers from 15 countries come to Lviv to talk about latest trends in media industry. In order to present brilliant speakers of #LMF2017 to the audience we start a series of mini-interviews with them. More interviews – on MediaLab.online.  

Step by step my show Big Fisun (Radio Aristocrats) is strengthening it’s force in music industry. Now my team and I are making open on-airs. The listeners/watchers can come to the studio and the show is transformed into chamber concert. One more professional achievement of the last year is blog.concert.ua. This is a blog that helps to increase sales of tickets service concert.ua. I see one more mission of this project: developing concert business in Ukraine. We do ambient videos and interviews with artists before their concerts. There are certain examples when thanks to blog concerts were super successful.

I think Eurovision song contest brings fun to music media of Ukraine. Though I can’t say music media outlets feel abandoned in other days. There are different outlets. I don’t see any superior media that appeared in recent times. But it’s quite possible that I missed it or I have a professional trauma.

In my point of view the prominent trend of media world is complex working. I mean online outlet should do offline events and campaigns. In complex process like this even a print media has its place. While planning or improving a media project one should work for 360°.

The main challenge of trend setting media is the requirement to refuse from statements like “New Kyiv is new Berlin”. What is new Ukraine in discourse like this? We are a new country, to my mind it’s worth concentrating on it. There is no analogy.  

We have a big resistance of Soviet past. In particular there is lack of manners and education even among the elite. Media forgot that it has to educate. Look at TV – it’s horrible. The majority of web-sites and newspapers face the same problems. But the part of the society that is interested in growth and education is bigger from day to day. That would be great if people who have got values like this were examples for society.

At LMF-2017 I’d love to share my experience in cooperating with international and transnational companies that are interested in supporting media. I want to speakon how to rebuild one’s thinking and acting in a way one’s projects were interesting for sponsors.

At LMF-2017 I want to learn about development of media technologies. I want to improve my knowledge in communicational methods. I want to hear about general trends in media development and I want to get close with my colleagues.


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